Alex Schulte

Lead Technician & Project Manager

Alex Schulte is a licensed HVAC technician with 15+ years’ industry experience. After earning a degree in HVACR from Ferris State University in 2004, Alex began his career working for a global HVAC manufacturer and developed a unique skillset working with chilled water systems for centrifugal, screw, and scroll compressor chillers ranging from 25 to 2,000 tons.

While serving 10 years in this capacity, Alex gained a deep knowledge of complex industrial and large commercial HVAC systems, learned core startup and maintenance best practices, and developed invaluable on-the-job experience making him an industry expert.

For the last four years, Alex has worked on a variety of equipment from a multitude of manufacturers. He excels at technical troubleshooting, partnering with outside vendors, and exhibiting exceptional customer service. His hard work ethic and good-nature are key qualities to his success as a leading HVAC industry professional.




Jennifer Schulte

HVAC Operations Specialist

Jennifer Schulte is a customer service and HVAC operations expert. She is very customer-centric and focused on handling all customer inquiries, performing estimates, and ensuring Trusted’s service standards are upheld for each and every customer.

After earning her bachelor’s degrees in English and journalism at Michigan State University in 2006, Jennifer built a successful career in the insurance industry managing both sales and customer service teams for a global property and casualty insurer. Jennifer earned her Master of Business Administration from Cleary University in 2014.