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Brighton’s furnace installation experts providing a wide range of affordable & high-efficiency heating solutions for Livingston County homeowners

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If you are a Brighton area homeowner searching for the best heating solution for your home, you have a variety of equipment and heating contractors to choose from. So when it comes to hiring the best furnace installation company in Brighton, make sure you go with a company that takes in account YOUR needs and expectations. At Trusted Heating & Cooling Solutions, our goal is to find the perfect heating solution for you. Our certified furnace installation experts will evaluate your needs to build a custom home heating system that delivers optimal performance & efficiency, all within your budget.

As Brighton’s Rheem pro partners, we provide the latest technology in reliable, long-lasting, and efficient heating systems for your home! Choose from a variety of forced air (gas) furnace systems, boilers, heat pumps, or ductless mini-split systems to fully accommodate your home heating needs. For as long as you own your home, you and your family will enjoy optimal comfort and energy savings!

Ready to find your next, and last home heating solution? Call our Brighton furnace installation experts today at (810) 923-3072 to get started, or request your free online estimate. We look forward to keeping you and your family comfortable for years to come!


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High-Tech, Efficient, & Long-Lasting Heating Solutions From Rheem

As your local Rheem HVAC pros in Brighton, you get to choose from a wide selection of industry-leading furnace & heating equipment at the best price points in the area. If you are a Brighton homeowner ready to save big on your energy bills, we have a solution for you!

  • Gas furnaces that deliver energy ratings up to 96% AFUE (single stage, 2 stage, and variable speed technology)

  • Electric furnaces when gas is not an option

  • Mini-split systems for more flexible heating in smaller spaces

  • Boiler systems when HVAC duct work isn't available

  • High-efficiency heat pumps provide an all-in-one heating/cooling solution for your space

  • Rheem EcoNet smart thermostats provide advanced energy savings from your smartphone

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Professional Furnace Installation by Certified Technicians

Finding the right heating system is only the tip of the iceberg, having the right installation technician is crucial to getting the best performance out of your new furnace. As fully licensed and insured mechanical contractors in Brighton, we take pride in delivering precision, same-day furnace installation, done right the first time.

  • All new furnace installs performed by certified technicians

  • Fully licensed and insured mechanical contractors

  • We complete most installation jobs within 1 week of scheduling

  • All installs completed within 1 day

  • We take pride in leaving the job site cleaner than we arrived

  • Multi-point system performance check to make sure your new heating system is running at peak performance

  • We'll help you apply for DTE energy rebates on the spot, getting you a head start on your energy savings

  • We will walk you through every detail of your new equipment to make sure you get the best performance from your system for years to come

  • For everyone's safety, we follow strict safety procedures, including social distancing, wearing a mask, and sanitizing all equipment

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We Make It Easy To Find The Best Heating Solution

Searching for the best furnace installation company for your needs can be daunting, and we are here to make the process as hassle-free and comfortable as possible. As a family-owned heating installation contractor in Brighton, our goal is to help you make the best decision. By offering free estimates, accurate quotes, affordable specials, and convenient financing options, we can offer a world class customer experience.



Furnace Installation FAQs


Q: What is the average cost for installing a new furnace?

With the variety of technology on the market today, furnace installation prices range based brand, model, and efficiency rating. On average, new furnace installation in the Brighton, MI area costs anywhere from $3,500 to $4,000.


Q: How do I determine which heating system is best for me?

For typical residential heating, forced air gas furnaces are the mainstay, as they provide a complete heating solution for your entire home. In special situations where duct work or gas service isn't available in the home, technology like electric furnaces, boilers, mini-splits, and heat pumps are a better option. If you are a Brighton area homeowner unsure on what is best for you, contact us today and we'll help guide you through the options.


Q: Do I need a Smart Thermostat?

With the advancement of furnace and heating technology, it's highly recommended to have a thermostat that is compatible with the new efficiency and operation demands. We install EcoNet smart thermostats for our customers, as they deliver high-efficiency, easy-to-use temperature control from home, or on the go. 


Q: Is it more economical to replace both my furnace and AC?

If you are considering upgrading your furnace, it might be in your best interest to consider replacing your AC as well. If you are upgrading to a high-efficiency furnace, but your cooling equipment is old and/or inefficient, it will most likely drag down the energy savings your new furnace will provide. We provide great install promotions for Brighton customers looking for a full HVAC upgrade, contact us today and we can go over promotional options for new furnace/AC installation combos.



For precision, high-efficiency furnace installation in Brighton, contact us today for a free estimate!

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